This section of the website is designed to give the trainer and the Navigator Intern a clearing house for those suggested resources that will help with the training. Each of these suggested bible studies and experiences will help train to the Navigator Rep Profile.  (click to download files)


Calling & Design

  • Call of God

  • Identity in Christ

  • Personal Contribution Assessment

  • Spiritual Transformation



  • Adversity and the Sovereignty of God (Character study on life of Joseph)

  • Spiritual Transformation

  • Navigator Values 

   1.   The passion to know, love and become like Jesus Christ.

   2.   The truth and sufficiency of the Scriptures for the whole of life.

   3.   The transforming power of the Gospel.

   4.   The leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit.

   5.   Expectant faith and persevering prayer rooted in the promises of God.

   6.   The dignity and value of every person.

   7.   Love and grace expressed among us in community.

   8.   Families and relational networks in discipling the nations.

   9.   Interdependent relationships in the body of Christ in advancing the gospel.

  • Purity

       Sexual Purity: Five Smooth Stones

  • Integrity

  • Humility

  • Love

  • Faithfulness (audio)



  • Book: How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth

  • The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

  • Book Study: Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John

  • Book Study: Two Epistles


Missional Community

  • The Church - Topical Study 


Family & Marriage

  • Prepare and Enrich  (RSL is a qualified facilitator)


Laborers & Leaders

  • Leaders and Laborers


  • Six Critical Factors of a Multiplying Ministry


Discipling Among the Lost

  • Book: The Insider



  • Spiritual Generations

  • Book: Daws


Leadership Contributions

  • Survey of Book of Acts

  • Six Critical Factors of a Multiplying Ministry

  • Book: Permanent Revolution

  • Ephesians

  • The APEST Model

  • Leadership Contributions to the Advance of the Gospel


The Nations

  • Finishing the Task

  • To the Nations 


The Lost

  • God’s View of the Lost

  • Coaching Insiders Among the Lost


Strategic Prayer

  • Promises of God


Gospel of the Kingdom

  • What is the Gospel

  • Exploring the Kingdom


Gospel Movements

  • Book: Movements the Changed the World

  • Dynamics of a Gospel Movement


Kingdom Leadership

  • Study on Kingdom Leadership 

  • Six Critical Factors of a Multiplying Ministry


Time & Task Management

  • Bible Study: Time 


Money Management

  • Bible Study: Money



  • Concur

  • Admin functions of a NavRep (coaching)


Training Documents

  • Outline of the Matrix

  • Nav Rep Training Objectives

  • Military Staff Training Plan

    Military Staff Training Plan (example)