Nav Military Staff Training

Welcome to the Navigators Military Staff Training Website. We trust that this is the beginning of a challenging and rewarding experience. As you begin the training, here are some things to keep in mind:


Entrance Requirements.  We believe that an NI entering training should come from a group of highly qualified laborers with leadership gifts and experience. This training is for those gifted people who also seem to be led to The Navigators as a vocation.


Training Process. Navigator Intern (NI) training will be life-to-life. We deeply value the relationship between the NI and the Trainer.   This life-to-life relationship is just as important as the content covered, because the goal is not just information, but transformation. Training should be completed as much as possible in the context of community and actual ministry experience.  Trainers will be assessed, approved, and resourced by the Military Leadership Team (MLT). When a woman is being trained, a woman will be engaged in the training process. Trainers will have a training coach; either a member of the MLT or someone designated by the MLT.


Training Content. We have developed a matrix that is aligned to the National Core Training Continuum.  The trainer and the NI will develop an annual training plan based on feedback from the initial assessment process and content/experiences from the training matrix. There is flexibility built into the process; the matrix and the study materials are web-based and accessible. The training involves both study and life experience. There is minimal mandated curriculum, but it is required that the NI spend 500 hours in personal, supervised bible study and 500 hours with the staff trainer.


Assessment.  Annual, formal assessments are a key part of the process. We have developed a tool that assesses the NI against the NavRep profile. This leads into a formal process involving the trainer, the NI, another Nav Rep, and a laborer from the community of the NI. We are committed to walk with the NI through the process until they have achieved their best fit for contribution; whether that is as a Nav Rep or in another role.